Tax Time Tip#1 - All-Better
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Tax Time Tip#1

30 Jan Tax Time Tip#1

Tax time is quickly coming upon us.  For many business owners it comes down to being just plan HELL.  I’ve discovered through the years that it is really just the fear of the unknown.  What is the thing about taxes that make grown men cry like babies and makes women retreat back to being homemakers.  This may come as a surprise but this tax thing happens every year believe it or not.  I know crazy right?  I get the opportunity to work with an array of individuals and there wide range of companies and I have yet to get through taxes without tension, stress and some therapy.  Believe it or not it doesn’t have to be this way.  Theres a many things you can do yourself to better prepare for HELL.

    Number #1 – most important tip, educate yourself!!  All the info pertaining to your taxes and everyone else’s is public knowledge believe it or not.  There is the little IRS website which you will find a link on the “helpful links page” that host a wealth of information.  Give yourself the power and confidence of knowledge and I guarantee that you will make it through your taxes much easier than ever before.  And when tax time falls upon us again, as it always does, it will just be another opportunity to educate yourself further making each and every year easier than the year before!!  Exciting isn’t it !!!!  Check back for more help tips posted weekly.

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